Sassy Flower Girl Shushes Pastor [VIDEO]
For the second time this month, we have video of a flower girl going rogue. Last time, it was the wedding party's youngest member picking up the flowers after the other flower girl dropped them.
In this latest incident, a flower girl puts her finger to her lips and starts shushing as the pastor …
Couple Married Atop Roller Coaster by Elvis Impersonator [VIDEO]
An Ohio couple decided the best way to kick off the thrill ride that is matrimony is to get hitched atop a roller coaster with their friends and family in the cars behind them.
And since they had already strayed so far from a traditional ceremony, they decided they may as well also have an Elvis…
Cute Pekingese Dogs Get Married in Tux and Gown [VIDEO]
This bizarre clip of a wedding for two Pekingese dogs comes courtesy of a 1956 film about champion Pekingese breeder Alexandra Williams.
Williams' Pekingese get a regal affair for their nuptials: The bride rocks a Princess Di-style gown, the groom is in a tux and even the bridesmaids are styling in…
Barbie and Ken’s Elaborate Wedding Album [PICTURES]
Wedding photography isn't always terribly original -- flip through the albums of a dozen couples and you'll usually find many of the same shots and poses (hey, if it ain't broke).
French photographer Beatrice de Guigne has knowingly captured the essence of the modern wedding album in a shoot with eve…
Bridesmaid Attends Friend’s Wedding Via iPad [VIDEO]
Despite being chosen as a bridesmaid, Rene wasn't able to make the trip to Colorado for her friend Jamie's wedding. Thanks to technology, she was still able to take part in the big day in more than just spirit -- by virtually attending the nuptials via iPad.
Couple Has Their Wedding Officiated By a Computer [VIDEO]
Miguel Hanson and Diana Wesley of Houston, Texas had planned on having a friend officiate their wedding. But when that fell through, the two self-professed geeks simply coded a program for a virtual minister -- named Reverend Bit -- and had a computer do the job instead.
Bride Arrested While Wearing Wedding Dress [VIDEO]
Michigan police were kind enough to help 53-year-old Tammy Lee Hinton with some gratis portraits on her wedding day. Unfortunately, mugshots probably weren't the sort of photos she had in mind.
According to 'The Early Show,' police arrested Hinton last Saturday on a three-year-old…

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