14 Animals Dropping Winks
These animals know what's up. They know your secret. They know you're in on the joke. They know how to close their eyes one at a time. They know how to be adorable. They know how to wink.
Crazy Squirrel Goes on Kitchen Rampage
We're glad this guy's instinct when he found a squirrel in his kitchen was to grab a camera and record it, rather than grab a broom and start screaming. The squirrel seems pretty panicked (what squirrel doesn't?), but maybe it was just gathering up speed for what might be the greatest…
10 Awesome Squirrels for Squirrel Appreciation Day [VIDEOS]
Squirrels can be pesky and annoying. They get into bird feeders, stealing food and making a mess. They chatter at you and your pets when you go outside. They run out in front of your car, causing you to swerve dangerously or just run them over like some kind of rodent serial killer. There definitely…
12 Cute Animals to Watch in 2012 [VIDEOS]
Admit it: at some point, you've been baited into the time-suck that is watching adorable cat videos on YouTube like a kitten to a ball of yarn. We've all been there. Well, my gato-gawking friends, TheFW is here to tell you that cute kitties are SO last year. To help ...
Jedi Squirrel Shows Mastery of the Force [VIDEO]
We've seen kittens and turtles wielding 'Star Wars' lightsabers before. And now a chattering little squirrel gets the Jedi treatment in this hysterical video. Who would win in a duel? Our money's on this force-sensitive squirrel.
Squirrel Steals Home During Baseball Game [VIDEO]
During Wednesday night's playoff game between Philadelphia and St. Louis, a squirrel ran right across home plate as Phillies hurler Roy Oswalt threw a pitch. Now the varmint has his own Twitter account with over 20,000 followers.
Check out the video that made him famous below…
Squirrel Survives Encounter With Speeding Lamborghini [VIDEO]
Even under normal circumstances, squirrels aren't the wisest creatures when it comes to safety on busy roads.
So when this little fellow decided to cross the road at the AutoClub Speedway in Fontana, California with a Lamborghini LP670-4 SV bearing down on it at 100 MPH, one would think the furball's…