Angelina Jolie’s Leg Is Now an Internet Meme, Of Course
When Jim Rash, who had just accepted the Oscar for Best Adapted Screenplay from Angelina Jolie, imitated the right leg exposed pose that the actress was for some reason doing throughout the entire Academy Awards, it became the first example of "Jolie'ing." Then when his co-winners Alexande…
Meryl Streep’s Oscar Speech Was Very Meryl Streep-y
Meryl Streep may be considered the best actress of her generation, but when it comes to the Academy Awards she's also a fourteen-time loser.
And it was generally expected that the 62-year old, who was nominated  for Best Actress for 'The Iron Lady' at this year's Oscars, would come up short a fifteen…
Emma Stone Was the Cutest 2012 Oscars Presenter
The 2012 Oscars was Emma Stone's first time presenting an award and she was super excited. (We're letting you know just in case you didn't already get that from her bit.) You know who wasn't revved up at all, though? Her co-presenter Ben Stiller.
The Muppets Take 2012 Oscars Red Carpet in Style
The Facebook movement to have the Muppets host the 2012 Academy Awards fell short, but you better believe Miss Piggy was going to show up for the event in support of 'The Muppets' song "Man or Muppet," which was nominated for Best Original Song

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