Mariah Carey

Man Dances With iPod in Mall To Get Into the Holiday Spirit [VIDEO]
Going to the mall at this time of year is enough to cause anyone to lose their minds. The screaming little kids, the rude shoppers, the rented elves. It's enough to make you wish you'd just stayed home and boycotted the holidays altogether.
But wait! Imagine you're on one of those hellish expeditions…
Mariah Carey Is Hilarious in Kooky HSN Appearance [VIDEO]
Pop diva Mariah Carey was clearly in a good (read: wacky) mood Sunday night when she appeared on HSN to promote her jewelry and fashion line.
The always-unpredictable Grammy winner, known for her zany on-camera antics, had viewers laughing as much as they were buying as she made a number of off-the-c…