Is This Russian Flying Girl Real or a Hoax?
At a time when "shocking amateur footage"-inspired movies like 'Paranormal Activity' are all the norm, here's a video from Russia that has been raising suspicions about its authenticity. A new report (in Russian) shows footage recorded by an individual in a forest wi…
The Best Viral Video Kids of 2012 (So Far)
2012 has already offered a bevy of what will no doubt go down as the best viral videos featuring kids of the year. Thanks to the proliferation of camera phones and other video devices, the chance that kids' humorous antics are captured on video for all to see has never been higher.
Mamma Mia! Kid Shows Off Incredible Pizza Tossing Skills
Family run businesses are often generations old, with one generation passing on their knowledge to the next. Some restaurants are no different, like this pizzeria in Jersey City, NJ. Here's a video of a proud dad showing off his seven-year-old son's pizza tossing skills in their restaurant…
Watch This Four-Year-Old Produce Amazing Hip Hop Beats
Not everyone can rap as fast as Busta Rhymes - but this talented kid can. It's a skill this tyke has figured out at the tender age of four. Check out his promising debut video that's gone viral, where he lays down some slick verses that have absolutely no meaning. (Pretty much like modern …
10 Kids Completely Freaked Out By the Easter Bunny
Somewhere along the way, an egg-toting, gift-giving rabbit became associated with the Easter holiday. We assume that soon after, sadistic parents decided that it would be fun to make sure any likeness of this generous rabbit should be creepy and frightening so they can take pictures and video of the…
Jimmy Kimmel Gets Parents to Pre-Chew Their Kids’ Food
Last week, Alicia Silverstone shocked the internet with a video of her chewing up some food and then feeding it mamma bird style to her 11-month-old son Bear. Silverstone calls the technique "premasticating." But, as Jimmy Kimmel correctly pointed out, the rest of us call it &q…
Five-Year-Old Comedian Zay Zay Skewers His Lazy Parents
In his latest video, five-year-old comedian Zay Zay rails against lazy parents and plots delicious revenge against his slothful dad. Sure, kids can be helpful around the house. But, if this video is any indication, you may want to think twice before you ask them to fetch you something to drink.
Little Boy Attempts to Ski While Falling Asleep
Learning to ski can be exciting and fun, but it can also take a lot out of you. Young Bode knows all too well how physically exhausting a day on the slopes can be, as he fell asleep standing up in his skis after a rough day on the mountain.

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