Kid’s Epic Letter to Local Weatherman Is a Must-Read
Kids say the darndest things. Turns out, some of them are even good at putting those words down on a piece of paper. Like how a weatherman at a local TV station received a fan letter from a young student named Flint, after visiting his school. What Flint wrote has gotten the internet in a tizzy, jus…
Wondering What Tennis Stars Would Look Like as Kids?
This cute ad for the Stockholm Open has tennis playing children made to look like court legends such as John McEnroe, Jim Courier and Roger Federer. (Just to be clear, these aren't the actual kid versions of tennis stars.) Check out the mini-doppelgangers below.
Kid Gets Trapped Inside a Prize Machine
Some people are saying the mother in this video pushed her child into the prize machine so he could steal merchandise and possibly get some money. But we've seen how excited little kids get about the plush toys these types of machines give out, so we suspect the tyke tried to sneak in…
Five-Year-Old Zay Zay Could Be the Future of Standup Comedy
Some kids want to be a fireman, a professional athlete or a superhero when they grow up. Five-year-old Zay Zay dreams of one day becoming a standup comedian. From the looks of his adorably funny YouTube routine, this kid might have the creative chops and charisma to keep that dream alive long enough…

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