Katy Perry

Epic Mash-Up Jams Every 2012 Pop Hit Into Eight Minutes
If you love dance parties, but just don't have it in you to physically move for more than 10 minutes without experiencing chest pain, here you go! This pop "danthology" squeezes 55 songs that got stuck in your head at the grocery store this year into eight minutes.
Watch an Excellent Mashup of Some of 2011’s Biggest Pop Hits [VIDEO]
Last summer, mashup artists Kurt Schneider and Sam Tsui released their 'Summer Pop Medley,' racking up more than three million views on YouTube in the process.
Now the producer and singer are back with 'Summer Medley 2011,' in which they deftly blend snippets from Lady Gaga's 'The Edge of Glory,' Kat…
The Best Celebrity Halloween Costumes
Famous people like Katy Perry, Kathie Lee and Kim Kardashian have more incentive than the rest of us to have great Halloween costumes because their get-ups are going to be photographed and dissected by millions. Here are some of the best photos of celebrities in costumes from thi…