10 Goats Acting Really Weird
Goats are likely the first animal to be domesticated by humans, and our history with them go back about 10,000 years. We use them for their milk, meat and fur, but sometimes we overlook what incredibly weird creatures goats are.
Don't believe us? We've compiled 10 videos of g…
Who’s Ever Heard of a Goat-Herding Mini Horse?
What's cuter than a mini horse named Einstein? A mini horse named Einstein herding goats in the snow! Sure being an imposing stallion has its benefits; but when it comes to herding goats, there's nothing like having a snout at goat butt level. (No bending required.)
Freaky Goat Found in China [PHOTO]
Thanks to the internet, we've seen our share of strange-looking animals, but nothing even comes close to this image of a ratty goat in China. Seriously, this animal has seen better days.
Is This Giant Goat Real? [PHOTO]
Goats are normally small enough to be included in children's petting zoos -- but have a look at this bad boy. He seems like he'd be more at home giving rides to the kids alongside Shetland ponies!
But with the magical powers of Photoshop being what they are, some are questioning if he'…