Artist Brings Dead Trees Back to Life With Technicolor Paint Job
Artist Curtis Kilhorn is making it his mission to restore beauty to dead trees in the Colorado wilderness. Kilhorn paints their remains in a rainbow of bright colors, turning a dried-up tree skeleton into a technicolor conversation piece, and will install his creations in customers' backyards. He sa…
Creepy Andy Warhol Sculpture Imagines the Artist at 83 [VIDEO]
If Andy Warhol were alive today, how would he react to modern culture? The iconic artist, who died in 1987 at age 58, would probably flip for internet microcelebrities on sites like YouTube, which affirms his "15 minutes of fame" theory.
To commemorate Warhol's 83rd birthday this past Satur…
Trees Grown to Look Like People Are Way Creepy [PICTURES]
Depending on their surroundings, some trees grow abnormally, with their trunk and branches conforming to nearby debris or blockages.
Former jeweler Peter "Pook" Cook has perfected a process to replicate this himself and actually "sculpt" growing trees into specific formations. Coo…

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