The funny short film 'Speed Dating' from YouTubers SegerTube shows condenses the total experience of dating into four funny and relatable minutes! Hollywood can't even do that.

The video, which is honest and real but very NSFW by the way, takes the sadly tragic tale of the usual casual dating relationship and adds some hysterical observations.

We know what you're thinking. "This is exactly how my relationship is! Or was...sigh." We did it too. It's cool, don't worry.

We first meet the couple during the introductory flirting stage, the moment in which these two are heading out on their first date. It wastes no time in showing us just what is in store. This is a video that shows the feelings and situations we experience going about dating and ultimately into a relationship.

As it continues past the "circling around of plans" and the ridiculousness of "showing that we have unique character traits" the characters grow closer and enter a full relationship, which offers up a totally different flow of feelings and emotions.

Ultimately, in the end, it seems they don't end up together. Or do they? Sporting a true Tarantino-esque move, the video gets right back to the beginning of the initial date.

The video is so well thought out and put together. It's funny, we find ourselves feeling quite familiar with the two stars Jeff and Emma. It's almost like they're friends we want to give relationship advice to now. Or perhaps ask them for advice on our own sad love life.