A well-established sitcom trick is to get the mom out of the equation and let comic mayhem ensue. ('Full House,' anyone?) Because women are no fun and men are terrible parents harharhar (*stereotypes FTW.*)

'Blossom' took it to the extreme -- the Russo family mom had left home to have her own life, leaving Blossom, her two older brothers and her dad to fend for themselves (she didn't even have the heart to die like the awesome mom on 'Full House').

The show, which ran from 1991 to 1995 had plenty of serious moments as well, and Blossom became a character many teenage girls of time could relate to if their parents wouldn't let them watch 'My So Called Life.' Also, she had insanely garish outfits even by 1990s standards.

See what the cast of 'Blossom' is up to these days below.

  • Mayim Bialik, Blossom Russo

    NBC/Jason Kempin, Getty Images

    Then: Mayim Bialik was the titular character Blossom, who learns many life lessons and makes many interesting fashion choices. Before ‘Blossom,’ Bialik was best known for playing the young version of Bette Midler in 1988’s ‘Beaches.’

    Now: Bialik plays neuroscientist Amy Farrah Fowler on ‘The Big Bang Theory.’ The reason you didn't see all that much of Bialik between ‘Blossom' and her latest sitcom is that she was spending a good chunk of that time pursuing her PhD -- in neuroscience, as fate would have it.

  • Joseph Lawrence, Joey Russo

    NBC/Jason Kempin, Getty Images

    Then: The catch phrase "Whoa!" more or less sums up Joey Russo, Blossom’s dumb jock brother. Lawrence was already a sitcom veteran, having starred for five seasons as Joey Donovan on ’Gimme a Break,’ and an episode of ’Diff’rent Strokes’ at age five.

    Now: Lawrence stars alongside Melissa Joan Hart on the sitcom ‘Melissa & Joey.’ (Right?? Cause their real names are-- never mind.) He also did a recent episode of ‘Californication’ in which he broke type by portraying a character named Brian.

  • Jenna von Oÿ, Six LeMeure

    Getty Images/ David Livingston, Getty Images

    Then: You surely remember Jenna von Oÿ as the fast-talking Six LeMeure, who was Blossom’s best friend and had quite the unrequited crush on Joey. After ‘Blossom,' Jenna had another nice sitcom run as Stevie Van Lowe on ‘The Parkers.'

    Now: 2012 was a big year for Jenna. She starred in ‘Lukewarm,’ her first movie in a decade, and she had her first child, a daughter with husband Brad Bratcher. Check out her parenting blog and listen to some of her music here.

  • Ted Wass, Nick Russo


    Then: Ted Wass was Nick Russo, the musician dad just trying to keep his family together after his wife runs off. Wass came into prominence by playing Danny Dallas on the late ‘70s soap opera spoof 'Soap.'

    Now: Wass gave up acting after 'Blossom.' But he is still a TV mainstay, having directed episodes of everything from 'Caroline in the City' to 'The Big Bang Theory.' These days, he is primarily behind the camera on 'Rules of Engagement' and '2 Broke Girls.'

  • Michael Stoyanov, Anthony Russo


    Then: Michael Stoyanov played oldest Russo kid Anthony, who had a dark past. It was his first big role. After 'Blossom' ended he became a comedy writer, and was on the staff of 'The Dana Carvey Show,' 'Late Night With Conan O’Brien,' 'Mr. Show With Bob and Dave' and 'MADtv.'

    Now: In 2000, Stoyanov moved back into acting. He played one of the Joker's goons in 'The Dark Knight' and more recently popped up on a couple episodes of 'Justified.'

  • Barnard Hughes, Buzz Richmond

    NBC/Thos Robinson, Getty Images

    Then: Veteran character actor Barnard Hughes was Buzz Richmond, Blossom's war veteran grandfather who didn't let his age get in the way of his love for wine and woman. Hughes's long career included roles in 'Midnight Cowboy,' 'The Lost Boys,' 'Tron' and 'Doc Hollywood.'

    Now: Hughes died in 2006 at the age of 90. Among his last roles were the movie 'Cradle Will Rock' and the TV drama 'Deadline.'

  • David Lascher, Vinnie Bonitardi


    Then: Lascher played Blossom's on-again-off-again boyfriend, tough guy Vinnie Bonitardi. Before 'Blossom' he starred on the Nickelodeon series 'Hey Dude.'

    Now: Lascher had a third sitcom run on 'Sabrina, the Teenage Witch.' His career has slowed a bit since that show ended in 2003, but he is set to be in the upcoming romantic comedy 'Last Best Place.'

  • Portia Dawson, Rhonda Jo Applegate


    Then: Portia Dawson was Anthony's Playboy Bunny girlfriend Rhonda Jo Applegate. In 1991 she also made her film debut in the legendarily ill-conceived Vanilla Ice star vehicle 'Cool as Ice.'

    Now: Up until around 2005 Dawson was making guest appearances on shows like 'Nip/Tuck' and 'Scrubs.' However, the little-seen 2007 movie 'The Trouble With Romance' is the last of her screen credits.

  • Finola Hughes, Carol

    NBC/Jason Kempin, Getty Images

    Then: Carol, played by Finola Hughes, was the Russo kids' stepmom on the last couple seasons of the show. The English-born actress was best known for starring opposite John Travolta in 'Staying Alive,' the awesome sequel to 'Saturday Night Fever' that you need to watch immediately.

    Now: Hughes currently stars as Anna Devane on 'General Hospital.' She has three children. 'Charmed' fans will also recognize her as Patty Halliwell, mother to  Alyssa Milano and Holly Marie Combs' witchy women.