The classic video game 'SimCity' has been in the news lately, thanks to allegations that former GOP candidate for President Herman Cain swiped the game's default settings for his notorious 9-9-9 tax plan.

But it's actually been almost five years since 'SimCity Societies' came out, and more than nine years since 'SimCity Four,' the last game from original SimCity developer Maxis, hit stores.

Given the lukewarm reception 'Societies' received, fans of the city-building video game series will be happy to know that Maxis is back developing the beloved franchise. In fact, they have just released a trailer for the game's fifth installment, which will be called 'SimCity' and will be released in 2013.

That is a serious graphics upgrade when compared to the 2003 game. But Maxis says what they are really excited about are the multiplayer interactive features of 'SimCity.' For example, if your city is polluted it will affect other cities in the region, and the SimCity world as a whole. So, yes, there will be a whole lot of room for trolling behavior in the Sim universe come 2013.

The extended version of the trailer also has 'SimCity's' producers talking about what the gameplay will be like. Check it out below.