Sure, Jesse Eisenberg's last name is similar to Mark Zuckerberg's, who he portrayed in 'The Social Network.' Also, it's somewhat unusual for an actor to play a really famous person who's about their same age in real life. You can see where confusion between the two might kick in if you aren't paying a lot of attention.

Bob Fitzgerald, who was calling USA basketball's gold medal win against Spain in the Olympics on Sunday, is paid to pay attention. That's what makes his confusing of Eisenberg with Zuckerberg during the game's telecast particularly cringe-worthy. Fortunately for us, the humorous gaffe was caught on video.

"I know I’m gonna put that picture on Facebook," Fitzgerald said when NBC's cameras found Eisenberg in the crowd. "We’ve got every executive of note worldwide, it seems, attending these games.”

Actors of note too, it seems.

In response to his partner's screw up, color commentator Doug Collins cleared his throat. No word if he also gave him a "poke."