Michael Phelps Sinks Ridiculous Putt
You don't have to know much about golf to know that this is just ridiculous. Michael Phelps managed to sink a 153-foot putt at the Dunhill Links Championship. According to the announcer, Phelps is just learning to golf and is "26 handicapped," which we're pretty sure is G…
Rest in Peace, Monty, Queen Elizabeth’s Corgi
Queen Elizabeth's beloved corgi Monty passed away of old age.
He was 13 years old, which is like 91 in people years. You might remember Monty from a James Bond-themed sketch in this year's Olympics. He's also one of the dogs that put the smack down on Princess Beatrice's terrier, …
TheFW End of Summer Survey Results Are In!
Well, Labor Day weekend is upon us. We hope you made it to the beach. And that you took our End of Summer Survey! The results are in and we're ready to let you know what made the cut as the best of this summer's internet goodness. Check out the results after the jump.
Ryan Lochte and Prince Harry Had a Drunken Swim Race
If there was audio for the video footage (available here) of Ryan Lochte and Prince Harry racing against each other in a Las Vegas pool, it would probably just be, "Jeah, brah! Let's, like, totally race right now!" followed by a bunch of splashing and bro-chortles. But, alas we can only im…
7 Memorable TV Appearances From Olympic Athletes
Now that the medals have been awarded, the flame has been extinguished, and most of Team USA is back on American soil, you’re probably wondering what’s next for our Olympians. In the '90s, the definitive answer might have been “I’m going to …
Real-Life Spider-Man Scales Massive Cliff
With great power comes great responsibility. While the Olympics only inspired most of us to watch more televised sports, Neil Gresham the "Real-Life Spider-Man" was motivated to climb Britain's toughest cliff.

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