Morgan Freeman is the coolest 75-year-old, ever. We understand that’s a pretty big statement, but we think it’s one upon which most of you will agree. Now he’s amped up that cool factor tenfold by seemingly taking a crack at the world of video games. Morgan Freeman (or perhaps a Morgan Freeman impersonator) recently lent his voice to the very popular, action-based series 'Duke Nukem.'

Freeman/Freeman impersonator (hasn't been confirmed yet) starts his session with a smooth, deep line about bubblegum. Man, he even makes that sound awesome. Then he makes an innocent mistake, thinking he’s reading for "Dick" Nukem, not Duke Nukem. In his Dutch accent, the director corrects Freeman, but the actor continues to roll with the Dick mixup, all in his natural, God-like demeanor.

One thing though is for certain, whether this guy is in fact Morgan Freeman or a Morgan Freeman impersonator, this video is funny as hell.