Remember at the beginning of season two of 'Mad Men' when Don went to visit the doctor for an insurance physical? The doctor told him that he "lives too hard" and then told him to take it easy. So what did Don do next? Tucked down a full, high-cholesterol breakfast like a man.

There are no fruit smoothies, standing desks or low-carb diets to be found anywhere within the offices of Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce. So we decided to enlist Photoshop wizard Kristy Puchko to come up with what the characters of Mad Men would look like today if they really subsisted off a diet of nothing but cigarettes, scotch, steak and casual flings. Check out the surprising results below.

  • 1

    Don Draper

    Kristy Puchko

    Of course Don is a silver fox, receding hairline and slight double chin notwithstanding. Seems all that booze has caused Don to put on some weight and fill out his suit a little more than usual. Still, the guy will always look classy clutching a Manhattan. As for the smokes, we imagine Don would go electric in his golden years.

  • 2

    Pete Campbell

    Kristy Puchko

    With a combover and crow's feet around the eyes, Pete Campbell is starting to show the ravages of living fast and being a total soulless douchenozzle.

  • 3

    Roger Sterling

    Kristy Puchko

    His signature white hair thinning, Roger isn't quite the silver fox he once was. (Though it's amazing he's still alive in 2013.) But that won't stop him from toasting the day with a martini glass and his trusty 21-year-old nurse by his side.

  • 4

    Peggy Olson

    Kristy Puchko

    Modern elderly woman Peggy never goes anywhere without her two favorite things -- a Virginia Slim and her trusty iPad for keeping up with the latest trends (and the grandkids) on Facebook.

  • 5

    Joan Harris

    Kristy Puchko

    Chain smoking and tanning (it was all the rage during the '80s at Sterling Cooper) have given Joan's pearly white complexion a more mature appearance. But she's still ravishing in her twilight years, giving even Helen Mirren a run for her money in the GILF department.

  • 6

    Megan Draper

    Kristy Puchko

    Living the life of an actress and avoiding the hard-drinking ways of her husband Don and his coworkers has helped Megan maintain her youthful looks. And, yes, she can still belt out 'Zou Bisou Bisou' like a French ingenue.

  • 7

    Ken Cosgrove

    Kristy Puchko

    All those nights staying up late drinking and trying to finish his novel have left Ken looking like a cross between Hunter S. Thompson and James Cromwell.

  • 8

    Betty Draper

    Kristy Puchko

    Betty’s decades of smoking have given her a deep, gravelly voice while her constant frown makes her one grandma you don’t want to tangle with in line at the supermarket.

  • 9

    Harry Crane

    Kristy Puchko

    Years of television viewing has caused Harry to need strong prescription glasses. But he can still rock a bowtie like it's 1967.