The trailer for the 2008 thriller 'Taken' featured Liam Neeson's epic phone message to his daughter's kidnapper. The chilling monologue, which ends with his character famously telling the bad guy that ,"I will find you and I will kill you," helped make 'Taken' a box office smash and re-positioned Neeson as a wolf-fighting man of action.

The international trailer for 'Taken 2,' which will be in theaters October 5th, has just hit the Web. Will it have a similar impact? Check it out below.

Poor Mills. This time they have his wife. And, in a twist, it's the father of the one of the kidnappers he killed in 'Taken' who's out for vengeance.

Mill's dialogue might not be quite as memorable as it was in the original's trailers, but it seems like he is causing just as much grievous bodily harm to the baddies as he did the first time around. And that's a lot of bodily harm.