It's time once again for our animated GIF wrap-up of your week. We have the best GIFs on the internet right here. They sum up your week, or your day, or maybe just how you feel about mashed potatoes from vending machines. We also have some great Demi Lovato GIFs from our friends at PopCrush.

Take a look below and enjoy.

As a mashed potatoes purist, how you felt when you heard about vending machine mashed potatoes.

Even Darth Vader loves the Magic Kingdom

I'm moving, therefore my legs must be moving too

Pandas may look sweet but they don't mess around -- especially in grocery stores

How you feel when listening to someone talk about Comic-Con 2012

Just the Beatles taking a walk

How you feel when you think it's Thursday and then realize it's Friday

Demi Lovato Gifs:

When Demi Lovato heard that Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes were getting a divorce

When Demi Lovato saw another 'Call Me Maybe' parody

When Demi Lovato saw Niall Horan for the first time