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Album Cover Models Then and Now – Korn, ‘Korn’
Then: Justine Ferrara was just 6 years old during the shoot for Korn’s self-titled debut.
Her uncle Paul Pontius who had signed the band to Immortal/Epic Records was the one to ask her to be in the shoot.
Though the controversial album art depicts a menacing shadow of a man approaching a young girl on…
Album Cover Models Then and Now – U2, ‘Boy’ and ‘War’
Then: Peter Rowen actually modeled for two U2 covers: 'War' and 'Boy.'
He was the younger brother of Bono's friend Guggi and Rowen says that Bono often came over to his house to hang out with his brother when they were young.
Rowen was especially willing to do the shoot becaus…

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