Here Come the ‘Shark Week’ Memes
Finally, Shark Week is here! For some reason America has a fascination with the week-long Discovery channel brainchild. It's a time to celebrate sharks, their lifestyle and a chance to act intelligent because we watched the Discovery Channel the night before.
The Best of the ‘Paul Ryan Gosling’ Meme
When it was announced that Republican Paul Ryan would be running as Mitt Romney's sidekick for vice president, the world noticed a few things. One, the guy's name is two first names and that is just plain ridiculous. Two, this dude is in shape, and, three, his surname shares a first name with Americ…
Take TheFW’s End of Summer Survey!
Summer is almost over, but what a time its been! From the Olympics to endless 'Call Me Maybe' parodies and covers to thrilling blockbusters like 'The Dark Knight Rises,' summer 2012 has given the internet plenty of fodder to create hilarious memes, viral videos and more.
The Funniest Memes About the Mars Curiosity Rover
The internet is blowing up today with news of NASA's rover Curiosity successfully fulfilling its mission to land on Mars. In doing so -- after it traveled hundreds of miles -- the device transmitted images back to Earth, giving us all a scoop on the Red Planet.
The Best Olympic Memes on the Web
What better topic for a meme than the 2012 Summer Olympics? Not only is the Queen of England herself being turned into a meme, but it seems that all of our favorite memes are getting in on the action.
Olympic Divers on the Toilet Get the Meme Treatment
As you may have seen on TheFW earlier this week, divers look hilarious while diving. From far away their form may look lovely, their water entrance precise. But just look a little closer and you'll see what we see -- the absolutely ridiculous faces divers make in the air.
After sharing our findings w…
See What Olympic Divers Look Like on the Toilet
You may have seen our photos showing what Olympic divers really look while diving. Don't be fooled by the elegant turns and precise finish into the water -- their faces really look insane! We're guessing it's a combination of intense concentration and gravity doing its work.
These pict…
Other Uses for Ryan Lochte’s Grill
Ah, Ryan Lochte’s grill… that shining beacon of American freedom. The Olympic swimmer is turning heads for his uniquely bling-tastic mouthwear. According to a recent interview, Ryan's grill -- which is a retainer filled with diamonds -- is the swimmer's "uni…
The Best of the ‘Unimpressed Queen’ Meme
The Olympic Games are the thing to watch right now. Exciting sports, intense rivalries, the drive to win, there's no short of entertainment.
We assume the United Kingdom is honored and excited to be hosting the summer games in London this year. The Queen, however, seems to be thoroughly unimpres…

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