Meet Priority Peter, the Internet’s New Favorite Nerd
The kid who stars in the latest hot internet meme has got his priorities straight -- why pay attention to a bunch of beautiful ladies sitting close by when you've got a sexy, sexy graphing calculator right in your hands? Priority Peter has no idea. In his world, it's just him and his TI-83…
Funniest Memes of the Week – Election Edition
We've got a little something special for you for this week's roundup of memes. With the Republican National Convention last week and the Democratic National Convention this week, we were inspired to show you some very funny and very relevant memes. No matter your political leanings, we promise you'l…
You Can Chat With the Real Life ‘Success Kid’
'Success Kid' is a macro meme which features a picture of a baby with a pumped fist and look of unusual self-satisfaction. Folks started using the photo of 11-month-old Sam Griner -- which had been made available on Flickr -- as their Myspace avatars around 2008. But it didn't really hit its stride …
TheFW End of Summer Survey Results Are In!
Well, Labor Day weekend is upon us. We hope you made it to the beach. And that you took our End of Summer Survey! The results are in and we're ready to let you know what made the cut as the best of this summer's internet goodness. Check out the results after the jump.
‘Eastwooding’ Is Now a Meme
While the rumor all week has been that a Ronald Reagan hologram would be the "surprise" guest at the GOP convention, instead it was Hollywood legend Clint Eastwood who helped to introduce  Mitt Romney in Tampa.
And we think it's safe to say Eastwood's performance…
The Best of Obama’s Reddit ‘AMA’ Memes
President Obama went on Reddit yesterday to do an Ask Me Anything Q&A. Then all the traffic broke Reddit. Then he only answered 10 questions. Despite the fact that it was generally awesome that he even did it, Redditors started making memes like gangbusters, so we culled a few of our favorit…
The Funniest ‘Office Thoughts’ Memes
We first saw this meme while browsing Reddit at the offi -- err, while we were browsing Reddit not at the office. Seriously, we only do work at the office and not say, waste our time calculating how many times we could go to the bathroom without raising suspicion.

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