The 10 Best Haunted House Screams From ‘Scare Stars’ [VIDEOS]
Scare Stars is a video site for Chambers of Fear, a haunted house attraction in Surprise, AZ.  We're guessing somebody in Surprise wanted to live up to the town's name.
The site posts dozens of videos daily of their favorite terrified haunted house customers, so we went through and fou…
18 Bizarre Homemade Halloween Costumes From Etsy [PICTURES]
Etsy, in case you don't know, is basically the craft fair/flea market of the internet. Millions of people come together to sell the unique things they've handcrafted to those wishing to have something unique in their lives. And like most craft fair/flea markets, it's got a lot of cool…
Martha Stewart Gears Up for Annual Halloween Special [PHOTOS]
Every October, domestic goddess Martha Stewart takes a break from folding napkins into peacocks and instead turns her attention to Halloween, a holiday she adores.
She not only does an elaborate themed issue of her magazine, she tapes a television special as well -- and this year, she's creating a sp…
Ellen DeGeneres Scares Steve Harvey Silly [VIDEO]
By now, guests on 'The Ellen DeGeneres Show' should expect a random, terrifying scare from a staffer in costume. But Steve Harvey was taken completely unawares when a man in sporting equipment crept up behind him and scared him silly.
Busch Gardens Haunted House Makes Cheerleaders Scream [VIDEO]
Three ditzy Tampa Bay Buccaneer cheerleaders visit the Howl-O-Scream 2011 haunted house at Busch Gardens and get really scared while wearing skimpy outfits. And they make the same silly faces that the scared folks at the Nightmare Fear Factory make. What more do you need for Halloween fun?
9 Things You Didn’t Know About Candy Corn
Every year, it hides in some dark, dank corner of even the most raucous Halloween party, waiting for some unknowing fool to stick their hand in its clutches of doom. It entices its prey with colorful designs and the promise of sweet joy, only to fill its victims with a familiar sense of bland, flavo…
Pixar Lamp Costume Wins Halloween [VIDEO]
When it comes to creating the perfect Halloween costume, we're all just waiting for that "a-ha!" moment. That flash of inspiration where the light bulb goes off and you say, "Forget about that sexy astronaut thing , this is what I'm going to be."
Well here's a video of a creativ…
10 Halloween Costumes Everyone Will Wear in 2011
Halloween is fast approaching. Besides figuring out exactly how much candy you'll need for the trick-or-treaters this year, another burning question remains: how will you dress for those adult parties and festivities? While you can always go with the tried-and-true -- zombies, vampires, and s…

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