'Go' was a stylish comedy-thriller which followed a trio of interrelated plots. The 1999 film was directed by Doug Liman, who had made his mark helming 'Swingers' and later became associated with the 'Bourne' franchise.'Go' featured a young cast of recognizable faces from both film and television.See what the actors and actresses of 'Go' are up to these days below.

Katie Holmes, Claire Montgomery

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Then: Holmes played Claire Montgomery, a shy supermarket checkout girl who eventually forges an unlikely romantic bond with an intimidating drug dealer she is left with as collateral.  The 20-year-old had made her film debut two years earlier in ‘The Ice Storm’ and was in the midst of her run as Joey on ‘Dawson‘s Creek' at the time of 'Go's' release.

Now: Last year Holmes played Jackie Kennedy in the TV miniseries ‘The Kennedys’ and also popped up on ‘How I Met Your Mother’ as the notorious Slutty Pumpkin. This year Holmes was involved with a high profile divorce from her husband Tom Cruise that you probably heard a lot about.

Sarah Polley, Ronna

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Then: Polley played Ronna, the character who set the action in motion by getting involved in an unfortunate drug deal. Polly was a huge child star in her native Canada, thanks to her starring role on the TV show ‘Road To Avonlea' and her acclaimed turn in the indie 'The Sweet Hereafter.' ‘Go’ was her highest profile role in America at the time.

Now: Despite turns in 'Dawn of the Dead' and 'My Life Without Me,' Polly, 33, has opted to go behind the camera over the past decade. (She famously dropped out of playing Penny Lane, the role that launched Kate Hudson's career, in 'Almost Famous.') Polley has written and directed two acclaimed films to date -- 'Away from Her' and 'Take this Waltz,' which starred Seth Rogen and Michelle Williams. It’s been a while since she has acted in a movie but that will change in 2014 when she slated to appear in the Wim Wenders film ‘Everything Will Be Fine.’

Desmond Askew, Simon

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Then: You might remember Askew as Simon, an outgoing Brit whose love of the ladies results in much mayhem and damage. His first acting role was in 1983 when he played a naughty school boy in the Wham music video ‘Bad Boy.’

Now: Lately the 39-year-old has been making his living doing voiceover work for video games. ‘Dragon Age: Orgins’ and ‘Call of Duty: Black Ops II’ are among his recent credits.

Timothy Olyphant, Todd Gaines

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Then: Olyphant channeled his intense persona to play no-nonsense drug dealer Todd Gaines in ‘Go.’ The former college swimmer’s first prominent role had come two years before in ‘Scream 2,’ in which he played cynical film student Mickey.

Now: Olyphant moved to the other side of the law for what have become his two signature roles. Between 2004 and 2006 he was Sheriff Seth Bullock on ‘Deadwood,’ and since 2010 he has portrayed Deputy Marshall Raylan Givens on ‘Justified.’

Jay Mohr, Zach

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Then: In ‘Go’, Mohr was one half of a pair of closeted gay soap opera stars and reluctant police informants. The stand-up comic and ’Saturday Night Live’ alum had already been a big part of movies such as ’Jerry Maguire’ and ’Suicide Kings.’

Now: Mohr continues with both his acting and his stand-up. He recently guest-starred on the TV series ’Suburgatory’ and will play a magician in the upcoming movie ‘The Incredible Burt Wonderstone.’ He has also written two books -- 'Gasping for Airtime,' about his time at 'SNL,' and 'No Wonder My Parents Drank: Tales from a Stand-up Dad.'

Scott Wolf, Adam

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Then: Scott Wolf was the other half of the pair of closeted gay soap opera stars and reluctant police informants. Wolf, 30 at the time, was known for his role as Bailey Salinger on ’Party of Five.’

Now: Wolf recently guested on ‘NCIS' and next year will star in the drama ‘The Volunteer.’ The 42-year-old is expecting his second child with his wife, ‘The Real World: New Orleans’ alum Kelley Limp.

William Fichtner, Burke

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Then: In ‘Go,’ Fichtner played Burke, a (not) Amway selling cop who is beyond comfortable being naked. One of the all-time “That Guy” actors,  Fichtner had a high profile supporting role in ‘Armageddon’ the previous year.

Now: Fitchner played a mob banker in 'The Dark Knight' and recently had roles 2011’s ‘Drive Angry’ and as Ari's troubled friend Phil on 'Entourage.' You can catch the 56-year-old next year in the much-anticipated Johnny Depp film ‘The Lone Ranger.'

Taye Diggs, Marcus

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Then: 'Rent' star Diggs was Marcus, who gets confused for a valet during his trip to Vegas, a mixup that results in an epic car chase. Diggs had gotten his big break the year before with a starring role in ‘How Stella Got Her Grove Back.’

Now: Since 2007, the 41-year-old has been playing Dr. Sam Bennett on ‘Private Practice.’ He is married to fellow 'Rent' actress Idina Menzel.

Breckin Meyer, Tiny

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Then: Meyer’s Tiny is done in by a Las Vegas all-you-can-eat shrimp buffet in ‘Go.’ The 24-year-old had been introduced to mainstream movie audiences three years earlier as a big-hearted skateboarder in ‘Clueless.'

Now: The 38-year-old is the Franklin part of the TNT legal comedy ‘Franklin & Bash.’ He is also the creator and writer of the sitcom ‘Men at Work.’

James Duval, Singh

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Then: In ‘Go,’ Duval played Singh, who was also felled by too much shrimp during his trip to Vegas. Duval had previously starred in ‘Doom Generation’ and played a supporting role in ‘Independence Day.’

Now: Duval will star in the upcoming crime thriller ‘Sushi Girl.’ The 40-year-old obviously likes to work because he has 14 other film projects either in the can or in production.