'Angry Birds' fans have a major reason to celebrate today. Rovio Entertainment's hugely popular multi-platform game is now available on Facebook, a full day before it was expected to be released.

But before you log into Facebook and begin smashing pigs in earnest, you may want to learn what this new version has to offer. Here are five things you need to know.

The Game Now Includes a Social Component

Since the game is now part of Facebook, it makes sense that it would include an integrated social media component. In that spirit, players can compete against friends via a leaderboard, brag about high scores and even give their friends power-ups as mystery gifts.

New Power-Ups are Available

In addition to the "Mighty Eagle," fans can earn four new power-ups by playing the game, receiving them from a friend or by purchasing them. The "Sling Scope" power-up offers laser targeting for pinpoint accuracy, "King Sling" gives your slingshot more power and speed, "Super Seeds" makes any birds into a giant, and "Birdquake" shakes the ground and rattles defenses.

There are Facebook-Exclusive Levels

When you play 'Angry Birds' on Facebook for the first time, you'll see two familiar levels -- "Poached Eggs" and "Mighty Hoax." But there's a third level -- "Surf and Turf" -- that's exclusive to Facebook. And given Rovio's track record for releasing frequent content updates, we doubt this will be the last.

The Picture Quality Is Even Sharper Than on Your iPhone

On Facebook, you'll be smashing pigs in far higher picture quality than you would on your iPad or iPhone. Compared to the Apple iOS version of the game, Facebook's app runs on Adobe Flash Player 11, providing far more vivid reds, yellows and greens.

Additional Features Are Coming Soon

Rovio has promised personalized avatars will be an upcoming feature. But this, they say, is just for starters. "This launch is just the beginning for 'Angry Birds' on Facebook," said Petri Järvilehto, senior vice president of game publishing. "We have great new features and gameplay lined up for the fans in the upcoming weeks."