New Yorkers are known for barely batting an eyelash when they see something crazy going down on the street. But when a professional makeup artist unleashed an army of everyday zombies in Manhattan many of the island's residents dropped the jaded facade and went straight into full-on panic mode.

Check out the fun below.

Zombie postmen. Zombie hot dog vendors. Zombie construction workers. It's no wonder even the dogs of New York are completely freaked out.

Sue Lee, a prosthetic make-up artist who competed on season 2 of the SciFi channel reality series 'Face Off,' is the one responsible for making the ghouls look so realistically undead.

It's all part of an ad campaign by AMC, home of the zombie hit  'The Walking Dead."

DirectTV recently dropped AMC from their channel lineup, and the tagline "Put Zombies Back On TV" is an appeal for fans of 'The Walking Dead,' which returns October 14th, to pressure Direct TV to reinstate AMC.

Do you think this entertaining short is an effective way for AMC to put the pressure on Direct TV?