We never judge people for their favorite genre of movie (out loud). So if you just love absolutely terrible, cheesy, romantic comedies, take a look at this list. We're not talking about classic love stories or hilarious rom coms. We've created a list of the worst of the worst, whether it's bad acting, bad storylines, or just downright stupid. They're all great movies... for when you need to punish yourself for doing something really, really terrible.


Sony Pictures

Ben Affleck’s title role as Larry Gigli tells the audience, "Gigli, it sounds like really." Well then this is a gigli, gigli bad movie -- so terrible that it was pulled out of cinema after just three weeks. In the film, Affleck kidnaps a mentally challenged kid for his boss who needs to blackmail a federal prosecutor. Lopez plays the role of his unwanted partner in crime. As if bad dialogue and acting weren't enough, the script writers also fall back on cheap laughs by making fun of the mentally handicapped. Not cool guys, not cool. The most uncomfortable thing about this movie is that Affleck and Lopez were together at the time, so you would imagine they’d have had a bit of sexual chemistry, instead they seem like two robots who sometimes Insert Tab A into Slot B. They broke up not long after. Awwwwkward.


Sony Pictures

Watch this trailer. You will not know what hit you. You may even have to watch it again. How did someone fund this film? It's a standard plot formula: they're the seemingly perfect couple (Steve and Carol), but one of them nurses a deep, dark secret that could destroy everything. Only this time, the secret is that Steve comes from a family of dwarves (cue horns). When Carol gets pregnant there’s a strong chance their child will be little too. Also, Patricia Arquette is there, and she has cornrows. This horrible mess of a movie is what you get when a studio cuts a two-and-a-half-hour saga into a 90-minute rom com.

‘Employee of the Month’

Lions Gate

You see that big picture of Jessica Simpson up there? That should be your first clue. In this film she plays a cashier named Amy, who states she will only date winners of the coveted ‘employee of the month’ award. Rather than be repelled by such a moronic personal policy,Vince (who has received the award for 17 months consecutively) and Zach the company slacker start to compete for the prize. What prize, you ask? Why the glorious awkwardness of dating one of your co-workers! Congratulations, you're a bad date away from a sexual harrassment lawsuit!

‘The Beautician and the Beast’


The hills are alive with the storyline from ‘The Sound of Music’. All it needs to really be the same are a scattering of nuns and a few songs and also to be good. Joy, Fran Drescher, is the titular beautician. When she is mistaken for a schoolteacher by the president of a small Eastern European country, Pochenko, she leaves her superior mother, (a change from Maria’s Mother Superior in 'The Sound of Music'), to instruct his brood of children. Three guesses for what happens. Although let's be honest, you’ll probably get it on the first try.

‘Over Her Dead Body’

New Line Home Video

Well, nothing says "funny" quite like somebody dying on their wedding day. So, 'Over Her Dead Body' is already off to a *great* start ten minutes in. It's like an insultingly bad homage to ‘Blithe Spirit,' with the ghost of bride-to-be Kate haunting should-have-been-husband-but-was-kind-of-widowed-on-his-wedding-day-HILARIOUS Henry’s new love interest to try to sabotage their relationship. Would we voluntarily watch this film? Over our dead bodies.

'Romantic Comedy'


The plot of this movie is about as inventive as the title. Boy meets girl; friendship follows; friendship turns to love; denial of love; love prevails... Kinda like a terrible version of ‘When Harry Met Sally’. On the bright side, Dudley Moore probably didn't even know he was making this movie, so he's got that going for him. Everyone else though is sadly, sadly aware.

'From Justin to Kelly'

20th Century Fox

Oh, a musical spin-off from 'American Idol?' What a great idea! Say, maybe you could start the whole thing off by having somebody die on their wedding day! Unfortunately, nobody dies in this one -- spring break in Florida is the setting which unites Texan wannabe popstar Kelly and college student Justin of the ‘Pennsylvanian Posse.' Seriously, couldn't they have just had a wedding and then both died?

'Dirty Love'

First Look Pictures

The collection of awards that this movie managed to gather just about says it all: four Golden Raspberry Awards for ‘Worst Picture’, ‘Worst Director’, ‘Worst Actress’ and ‘Worst Screenplay.' Jenny McCarthy would have shown up, but she was too busy trying to make people kill their kids by not getting vaccines to show.

'Mr. Wrong'

Buena Vista Home Entertainment

Everything about this movie is just wrong wrong wrong! The movie opens on a Mexican prison cell containing a bride still in her gown (but not dead, what kind of comedy is this?!!), then travels back and shows the series of humiliating events that lead protagonist Martha (Ellen DeGeneres) to the cell she's sitting in. Black comedy? Try bad comedy! Humiliation taken far too far and the terrible twist at the finish that is just plain insulting- we advise you choose ‘right’ and steer clear of this dreadful flick.

'My Boss’s Daughter'

Dimension Home Video

Don't let Terence Stamp's face fool you -- this is no 'Superman II.' Look right next to him, what's that there? Oh, it's Ashton Kutcher, and is that Tara Reid? It should come as no surprise that this film was nominated for a slew of Razzies. The only real surprise is that it didn't win them all.

'The Love Guru'


If a guru is supposed to be someone we learn from, then here's what we learned -- do not watch any new Mike Myers movies. Ever. Mike Myers’ infantile take on a cross-cultural guru is a poor attempt at humor and will leave you shuddering in your seat. Plus there really isn't much comedy going on, and the romance is also not so good. We wonder why it's even categorized as a romantic comedy. Probably because they won't let "Suck" be its own genre.

-- Written By Shulamit Aberbach and Georgia Krell