1989's 'Batman' was a massive blockbuster that brought an edgier and darker tone to pop culture’s view of the character, thanks in part to Tim Burton’s vision. Unfortunately, it took years to draft a script for the film that Warner Bros. deemed acceptable. One version (written by screenwriter Sam Hamm) included Robin, a role Burton offered to the then-19-year-old Kiefer Sutherland.

Sutherland said he turned down the role because he imagined having to wear bright yellow tights on the big screen and didn’t realize that Burton’s version was much different and darker than the '60s TV version. Subsequent drafts reduced Robin’s role to a cameo in the form of his alter-ego Dick Grayson before Burton cut the character completely out of the movie. (One deleted sequence, which features Batman and Robin in a chase scene set at a circus, can be viewed in storyboard format on the 'Batman' DVD.)