Martin Scorsese's 'Taxi Driver' is one of the greatest films ever made, and one of Robert DeNiro's most iconic roles. It was renowned for many things, including its aesthetically accurate portrayal of 1970s New York, a time when prostitutes roamed the streets and crime was rampant. But what if the film were to be filmed in present day New York City?

Back in those days, NYC was one of the most violent cities in America. But things changed when Rudy Giuliani became mayor of New York City in 1994. The lawyer-turned-politician cleaned up the city in a big way. Under his term as mayor, crime rates fell drastically and New York became the most visited city in America for tourists.

Of course, what New Yorkers see today are the constant stream of tourists in their path, pretty much everywhere in and around Times Square. Not to mention the iconic flagship stores of the biggest brands. Comedy pros Jest realized this and re-edited this clip from 'Taxi Driver' in which unhinged cab driver Travis Bickle looks out his window to see what lurks on the streets of the Big Apple today.

Pretty grim stuff, right?