Could You Survive a Robot Uprising?
If you're one of those people frightened by the possibility of a zombie attack, you can rest easy because there's new evidence that suggests we are more likely to witness a robot uprising. You may be giggling to yourself, but that wasn't a joke. We might actually have to survive a mas…
Robo Dog Guides the Blind [VIDEO]
If you were blind, do you think you would trust a robot to be your guide?
Japanese company NSK has developed a robot-dog designed around Microsoft's Kinect video game accessory to replace seeing eye dogs.
Honda Introduces Insanely Updated ASIMO Robot [VIDEO]
The latest Honda ASIMO humanoid robot can run about 6 mph, push a cart, hop on one foot, open containers and has all sorts of new artificial intelligence features. The entire presentation of this new technology puts a lot of things in perspective, like how close we are to reaching a future where a '…
Japan Has a Hair Washing Robot [VIDEO]
Leave it to Japan to develop a hair washing robot. So far it looks like they are only using it on mannequins. It's only a matter of time before the robots move from hair washing to human subjugation. Watch below.
Amazing Robot Gymnast Nails High Bar Routine [VIDEO]
The Olympic Committee may not have any plans to allow robots into the 2012 Summer Games as of yet. But if they have a change of heart, we know at least one robot who will be prepared.
Robot NO.8 Kovacs is a small Japanese robot who has the type of skills on the high bar that even the best gymnasts wo…

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