Real Life Video Games

Dubstep Fruit Ninja
Maybe next year accompanying everything with dubstep won't be a thing anymore. But it's not next year -- it's 2012, suckers. So here's a guy swinging a sword through a bunch of fruit, accompanied by dubstep music. It probably wasn't their goal, but they definitely make us wa…
9 Awesome Real Life Video Games
Video games are often praised for their life-like qualities -- the realistic graphics, the grabbing action, the way women are always wearing short shorts. (Er, scratch that last one.) These gamers, however, took it to the next level by literally bringing their favorite games to life. Check out some …
Watch ‘RollerCoaster Tycoon’ in Real Life
From the man who brought you 'Real Life Super Mario Bros,' comes another installment in his series of video games in real -- this time it's 'RollerCoaster Tycoon.' AndrewMFilms takes the game out of the Xbox and puts it into a street, and then things turn ugly.
See an Amazing Real Life Portal Gun In Action
Without a doubt, the coolest part of the hit video game 'Portal' is the portal gun, a device which allows players to create wormholes in three-dimensional space. This visually-stunning fan video by Jason Craft attempts to show how the awesome weapon would operate in real-life.
Awesomely Creepy Skull Is a Real Life Pac-Man
We've logged countless hours and spent tons of money playing Pac-Man as a kid. But here's something we never thought we'd see -- a real-life representation of the pellet-gobbler's skull created by artist Gentil Garcon and paleontologist Francois Escuilie. Creepy!