See How Usain Bolt Compares to Past Olympic Sprinters
After his stunning win in the 100-meter dash at the London Olympics, there's no denying that Usain Bolt of Jamaica is the fastest man alive. But this fascinating video infographic from the New York Times shows just how fast he is when compared to sprinters dating all the way back to the 1896 Su…
What’s In Olympic Rower Henrik Rummel’s Pants?
Winning a medal at the Olympics must be an exciting moment for an athlete. But despite what viewers saw yesterday, American rower Henrik Rummel insists he was not sporting an, um, inappropriate bulge while he and his team accepted the bronze medal. Er, good to know?
Faces of Shot Put Athletes Win Gold Medal for Intensity
The metal ball that is used in Olympic shot put events weighs 16.1 pounds for the men and 8.8 pounds for the women. Amazingly, Olympic competitors are able to toss that ball around 70 feet.
To do so requires the exertion of a lot of energy. Thanks to high speed cameras we can see …
The Best Olympic Memes on the Web
What better topic for a meme than the 2012 Summer Olympics? Not only is the Queen of England herself being turned into a meme, but it seems that all of our favorite memes are getting in on the action.
Your Week in Awesome Gifs – Olympics Edition
As always, we have the best gifs to sum up your week. If you're anything like us, you're all over the Olympic coverage. So we've got some special Olympics gifs just for you. If you missed it, we have gifs of the London Games here and we also have reaction gifs - how you possibly felt …
NBC Gets In Trouble Over Post-Olympics Ad
Gabby Douglas delivered the performance of a lifetime yesterday, winning the gold in individual all-around gymnastics. She became the first American to win both team and all-around gold at the same Olympics, and the first African-American woman to win gold in the all-around.
It was a great moment fo…

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