Marriage Proposals

Man Proposes With Boy Band Video
This guy definitely went to a lot of trouble to propose to his girlfriend. He wrote a song, made a music video, flew her to Australia and arranged to have it played at the end of another video at a giant party with all of his friends. Sincerely, how would you say no to that?
hacked proposal
If there's anything the internet loves, it's a creative marriage proposal. Now that the best ones end up on YouTube for all to see, it has become harder and harder to come up with a truly unique proposal. But that doesn't mean it's impossible.
Man Proposes With Help of Awesome R2-D2 Ring
It isn't every day that you see a wedding proposal with so many layers of nerdery. Not only are Joe and Emily, a New Jersey couple, both dressed like characters from Peanuts -- he proposed with a custom ring that looks like R2-D2. And this video has both.
Dean Cain Saves the Day for Batman Proposal
Dean Cain proved that he is still a hero even without his Superman costume last week. He was scheduled to speak about his years playing the Man of Steel on the hit television show 'Lois and Clark' at Dragon*Con in Atlanta, when friends of New Yorker Ruby Rinesko and his girlfriend of 11 ye…
Man Fakes Death Right Before Proposing to Girlfriend
Before popping the question to his girlfriend, Russian man Alexey Bykov wanted to give her a quick taste of what her life would be like without him. So the 30-year-old businessman hired a stuntman, a make-up artist, actors and even a screenwriter to help him fake his own death.
Man Proposes With ‘You Don’t Know Jack’
'You Don't Know Jack' has been a popular game series since it debuted in the mid-'90s. Currently, it's ruining worker productivity on Facebook. But the game with the sarcastic announcer and brutal difficulty curve has a soft center as this video demonstrates.

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