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Celebs Read Mean Tweets
Thanks to the rise of the social media site Twitter, celebrity users and your every day folk like you and me are closer than ever. But so are the nasty, catty tweets from the Average Joe to whatever celebrity they're mad at now. Jimmy Kimmel decided that celebrities should confront these mean (…
Real Christmas Story
With the Christmas countdown officially at 11 days, we can hardly contain our excitement for presents and Santa and grandma's awesome cookies. All this holiday hype has got us thinking, though: Do you honestly know the true story of Christmas?
Kristen Bell Gets Nagged By ‘MOMi’ In Siri Spoof
The recent release of the iPhone 5 has gotten our minds into a techie frenzy, but not because we’re overloaded with too much iPhone newness too soon. Ohhh, no. See, the latest iPhone has even more addicting app possibilities, a sleeker finish, and (most importantly), an upgraded vers…
Jimmy Kimmel Pranks iPhone 5 Fans
Classic! Jimmy Kimmel pulls the old switcheroo out on the street and tricks a bunch of people into saying how much they like his iPhone 4s so much more than their iPhone 4s by telling them it's an iPhone 5.
Jimmy Kimmel Pranks Little Girl With Lie Detector Test
Last month, Jimmy Kimmel came up with the brilliant idea to strap kids to a fake lie detector and get to the bottom of their deepest, darkest secrets. The first attempt, in which a little boy named Blake copped to peeing in the pool, among other transgressions, was such a hit the lie detective prank…
Jimmy Kimmel Pranks Kid With a Fake Lie Detector Test
As a way to teach kids that honesty is a virtue, Jimmy Kimmel hooked a young boy up to a fake lie detector and grilled him mercilessly on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live.' And, for some reason, sidekick Guillermo Rodriguez is on hand wearing a pink tutu as the "Truth Fairy."
Treat Your Momma Right, The Gary Busey Way
Jimmy Kimmel is pretty funny. Fortunately, he's also humble enough to defer to people who are even funnier than he is, which is why he aired some of Gary Busey's advice for Mother's Day. Here's what Busey had to say; see if you agree.
Johnny Depp Fields Questions From Johnny Depp Impersonators
According to Jimmy Kimmel, Johnny Depp has more impersonators than anyone else in Hollywood. We're not sure if that's true, but there is no doubt that all of Depp's eclectic roles have given anybody who is imitating the superstar quite the oppurtunity to play dress up.
In fact, during his appearance …

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