Honest Things

Honest Spotify Player
Have you ever noticed how the recommendations in the "Discover" section of Spotify are a little too specific sometimes? We did, and decided to show you what an "honest" Spotify player would look like. Check it out below.
Honest Summer books
It's summer again - time to relax on the beach with a good book (or a trashy one, let's be honest). But how are you to know what really lies beneath the cover of that paperback you picked up from the table at the front of the airport bookstore? Well, we're here to give you the straigh…
Honest Disney Movies
Ah, Disney – an essential component of childhood. However, beneath the saccharine surfaces of these fluffy romances lies some truly disturbing content. Check out our "honest" takes on what Disney movies were really showing us in our youth.
Honest Grammy Nominees
They say you can't judge a book by its cover--well that old adage holds even more true for albums. In preparation for this weekend's Grammy Awards, here's a handy guide to what the nominated albums would really be telling you if they had the freedom to be completely honest about the a…
If Fall TV Shows Were Honest
The fall TV season is here, and with it comes the usual begging and pleading from the major networks to get you to sample their wares. Whether it's supernatural dramas ('666 Park Avenue,' the umpteenth 'Beauty and the Beast' reboot), comedies ('The Mindy Project') or whatever you call that Reba McEn…