Best Comic-Con Costumes
SDCC 2013 has come and gone, and we may have been sitting in our hot, un-air conditioned NYC apartment, sweating out a horrendous heat wave in our underpants, but our friends at Comics Alliance and ScreenCrush got to go, and they took some great pictures!
Comic-Con Survival Guide
It's that magical time of the year ... Comic Con! Nerds unite together in one place to get autographs, ogle booth babes and generally stink up the place. But it's not all fun and games -- it's a weekend of endless lines and waiting. To make sure you have the best time possible, follow…
Best Disney Cosplay?
Richard Schaefer is doing the cutest Disney cosplay we've seen in a while. He really shows a lot of devotion too -- in addition to making all the costumes, he dresses up as both princesses and their princes. He does a great job too. Check out even more awesome cosplay and costumes on his Tumblr…
Comic-Con 2012 Cosplay: Best Photos of Geeks Gone Wild!
Comic-Con 2012 is the social event of the season... for geeks. It's equivalent to the Oscars for actors, New York Fashion Week for style junkies and the MTV Movie Awards for B- to C-List celebrities. That being said, what you wear to Comic-Con is just as important as Comic-Con itself.