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Smile! It’s the Best Mugshots of 2011 [PHOTOS]
The only two pictures people take that are bound to always be bad are driver's license photos and criminal mugshots. Thankfully, the internet is full of only one of them unless there is a hilarious website of driver's license photos that we have yet to find.
2011 had
Mother Nature’s Top 10 Freakout Moments of 2011
Every year, Mother Nature likes to remind us who’s the boss and 2011 was no different. In fact, it was the second most expensive year on record for insurers, costing $108 billion. Here’s a look back at the 10 most memorable natural disasters of 2011 in chronological o…
The Cutest Dog Videos of 2011
Man's best friend starred in some pretty great viral videos this year.
Here are our ten favorite adorable canine videos of 2011. Check them all out below and then vote for which one you think is cutest. (For more on each video, click on the titles in blue.)
The Cutest Baby Videos of 2011
There were quite a few adorable baby videos in 2011, but 10 were able to rise above all the cooing to be our favorites.
Check out all the videos below, and then vote in our poll at the bottom to choose who you think is the Cutest Baby of 2011. (For more on each video, click on the titles in blue…