Is the ‘Pizza Robot Song’ the New Nyan Cat?
Although we respect it as one of the most enduring memes ever, we never understood the allure of Nyan Cat. But what about 'Robot Pizza Song,' which is essentially the same thing? Now this is something we can really get behind. Let us explain.
The Best of ‘Brave Little Toaster’ Director Jerry Rees’ ‘Ask Me Anything’ Session
'The Brave Little Toaster' is one of those childhood movies that sticks with us forever. What's not to love about an adorable toaster who bravely sets out on an adventure to find his lost owner? Talk about a courageous kitchen appliance. And we can't forget about his fellow appliance friends, Lampy, Blanky, Radio and Kirby the vacuum. Weren't they the best? So when we heard the film's director, Je
Fun Facts About Pixar
1995’s 'Toy Story' wasn’t just an epic success because it was the first feature length animated film done entirely with computer graphics and one of the highest grossing films of the year. It was also a film that put the name "Pixar" on everyone's lips.
Watch Time-Lapse Video of an Engine Being Stripped
The first thought that comes to us watching this is: "This guy had a lot of time on his hands!" But what came out of it was actually something fascinating, a two minute video of him fully stripping an engine he purchased from eBay in order to replace his old one. It's a collection of snaps that represent the process.
See Album Covers Come to Life Through Animation
If you think your regular old album covers are cool, you haven't seen those same album covers in motion. The latest cool Tumblr blog, created by someone who calls himself Mr. Dormouse, animates album covers to be eye-catching or interesting or just plain silly. Watch these album covers come to life!
See the Faces Behind Your Favorite Cartoon Characters
You've heard their voices on numerous cartoon shows and video games, but have you ever wondered what those voice actors looked like in real life? Some of the most popular voice artists in the business finally get their due, and some much-deserved face time, in a new documentary called 'I Know That Voice.'
Kid Discovers Incredible Circus Snails in Animated Short
In this short animated film by Philippe Desfretier, a boy plays with some very acrobatic snails that he discovers one raining day in his tree house. Though these creatures are awesomely talented, we can't help but think how a real-life kid would react to finding a cluster of snails crawling all over him and invading his fort.
Teenage Mutant Stop Motion Turtles!
Kyle Roberts really loves the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. He loves them so much, in fact, that he lovingly recreated the opening using nothing but action figures and hand-drawn animation. Seriously.
Tim Burton’s ‘Frankenweenie’ Trailer Rises From The Grave
In 1984, a young Disney animator named Tim Burton directed his live-action debut, the short film 'Frankenweenie.' Disney planned for the short to run before a theatrical re-release of 'Pinocchio,' but once they screened the completed project, they fired Burton on the spot. Burton, of course, went on to a somewhat legendary career as a filmmaker and in 2010 made Disney over $1 billion on 'Alice in
Disney Princesses Get Reimagined As Hipsters [ART]
If Disney's princesses had lived in the 21st Century, they'd probably major in art history at an East Coast liberal arts college and then move to a parent-subsided walk up apartment in Brooklyn, where they would intern at some cutting-edge media company. At least the ones in this nifty artwork would, that is.

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