Angry Birds

Pigs Beware! Angry Birds Is Now on Facebook
2012's biggest Valentine's Day surprise has nothing to do with flowers or chocolates. 'Angry Birds,' the sling-shot strategy game which has been downloaded more than 500 million times since 2009 is now available on Facebook.
Angry Birds Get Angry at Hunger [PHOTO]
The heroes of Angry Birds aren't just about pummeling pigs. They're also concerned about the plight of those without enough food to eat.
In this awesome photo, an Angry Birds sculpture has been created using nothing but canned goods at a food drive.
Angry Birds Makes Toddler Lose His Little Mind [VIDEO]
When it comes to understanding the Angry Birds phenomenon, there's one question that cuts deeper than all the rest: How can so much anger lead to so much joy?
While most adults play down their Birds obsessions, this toddler makes no attempt to hide the strong emotions he experiences upon seeing the…

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