Another actor who lost out on a once-in-a-lifetime chance to appear in the massive 'Batman' franchise was the notorious Sean Young who was originally cast as Vicki Vale, the reporter who becomes Bruce Wayne’s love interest. While Young was Burton's first choice to play Vicki, the actress broke her arm while practicing some horseback riding for an action sequence that ended up being deleted from the finished film. Because of the scale of the production, Young had to be replaced by Kim Basinger.

Young was determined not to let another opportunity get away from her and when the sequel, ‘Batman Returns,’ was announced, she organized a massive covert operation to convince Burton to let her play Catwoman. In a now infamous Hollywood moment, the loopy actress showed up to Burton's production office without any prior warning in a homemade Catwoman costume to lobby for an audition. Instead, she was immediately escorted off the lot. Undeterred, Young appeared on talk shows like 'The Joan Rivers Show' (you can watch below) in the outfit in an effort to win the part, but her one-woman campaign failed and Michelle Pfeiffer ultimately scored the role.