Given how consistently awesome the show is, we never thought 'Mad Men' would go to the dogs. But it has ... literally. Courtesy of the folks at Dogster, the entire crew of the AMC period piece has been recast as adorable pooches.

Some of the pups look strikingly similar to their real-life counterparts. Betty and Don Draper, for example, are spot on. And the character of Harry Crane has always reminded us of a Golden Retriever in many, many ways.

But we're not entirely sure we agree with the dog chosen for Pete Campbell. Honestly, we've always pictured him as more of a feisty Chihuahua.

See what the cast of 'Mad Men' would look like as dogs below. You can go here to see the full gallery.

Dog That Looks Like Don Draper
Dog That Looks Like Harry Crane
Dog That Looks Like Pete Campbell