When media maven Larry King announced he'd be retiring in 2010, many thought he'd ride off into the sunset and live out his "golden years" out of the spotlight. But, old coot keeps popping up here and there to remind people that he's still got it. This time, it's in a video for Funny or Die in which he dances to dubstep.

While it's always funny seeing senior citizens bucking the stereotype by attempting to embrace or address modern day trends, Larry King doing dubstep just goes to show how the genre has jumped the shark. You know that old adage, if your grandma's talking about it, it's no longer cool? We don't mean to sound like hipsters or ageists, but the proof is in the Retirement Home pudding. This clip reminds us of those horrible commercials in which deceased celebrities are "brought back to life" to sell Pepsi. RIP, dubstep. Your underground status is officially kaput.