Pine cones as decor around the house is pretty common. Whether they're sitting in a bowl, decoration for the holidays, or part of a wreath hanging on your door, we think of them mostly as decoration.

You can even buy them online or in stores in various sizes. Obviously, pine trees are their original home and it's easy to collect them off the ground, too.

clever visuals
clever visuals

Whether you hang them on a string or put them in a bowl, besides looking pretty, make sure you place them outside your home or near your garden for these three reasons.


Obviously we have plenty of ways to find out the forecast however pine cones literally respond to changes in humidity and atmospheric conditions according to the  Homemaking website.

When the air is dry, the pine cone scales open, releasing seeds. Conversely, in increased humidity, the scales close firmly to protect the seeds. Observing this natural reaction allows us to predict the weather.


The strong scent of pine cones deter a variety of garden pests that can ruin your garden and bushes according to the Gardening Soul website. These same pests can also annoy us if we're sitting outside. Mosquitoes and flies as well as mice and squirrels hate the smell of pine cones.

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Bees and butterflies are attracted to pine cones simply for the shelter they provide. They also are great pollinators for your garden according to Gardening Soul.

Meanwhile, ladybugs and lacewings like them too and even feed on the annoying garden pests your garden doesn't like including aphids and mites.

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