Yes, we're going there because we've all wondered what happens to roadkill if you will.

The second I see the furry lump on the side of the road I try and look away because I feel sad for those fuzzy wild animals. In my mind if I don't see them then I won't picture Bambi or the fluffy-tailed fox getting hit.

Of course driving by on the same highway a day or two later the animal is gone so obviously it was picked up and disposed of right?

Each state regulates how it handles these animals whose lives were cut short by a vehicle. According to the Treehugger website, it's usually the Department of Transportation that picks up the animals on state highways while counties and cities handle the animals on their roadways.


You, too are allowed to stop and take the animal however you do need permission by your state fish and wildlife department.

Why would someone want to take home a dead animal? Well, according to National Geographic animals like a deer are taken to eat. Did you know West Virginia even has a roadkill cookoff? One of the judges even wrote a book called Gourmet Style Roadkill Cooking and Other Fine Recipes.

Also, other animals may drag the dead animal away or feast on it.


Once they're picked up there are several things that can happen. The landfill is a common dumping ground according to Treehugger while some places bury  the animals for composting where they decompose under wood chips.


Meanwhile, research plays a roll sometimes. According to National Geographic, dissecting the animals for study or practice, fatality mapping, or using them to bait  predators that scientists want to tag and study. Research facilities sometimes salvage the animals to study decomposition among other reasons including DNA.


Some places will store them in drums bags and freeze the animals while waiting to incinerate them.

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