Black Friday brings out some of the most hilariously strange antics of us Americans. On Thanksgiving we give thanks for all the great stuff in our lives, and just hours later, we're waiting in massive lines and getting in spats with fellow consumers over the latest deals on video games. That's the good ol' USA for you.

While we're not entirely sure what drives people to camp out in front of stores for hours or even days on end, we do understand the desire to make fun of it all. That's where the hilarious guys over at Improv Everywhere come in.

Last Friday, they decided to mess with the manic Black Friday shoppers' minds by camping out in front of a dollar store in New York City. The whole operation even had a fake news crew, security and sale-hungry shoppers. Participants were instructed to go nuts over all the highly-discounted deals once inside, which totally confused the dollar store workers and passersby alike. Although, one guy did make a good point: "Only in New York!" We can't argue with you on that one, dude!

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