Winning a medal at the Olympics must be an exciting moment for an athlete. But despite what viewers saw yesterday, American rower Henrik Rummel insists he was not sporting an, um, inappropriate bulge while he and his team accepted the bronze medal. Er, good to know?

Rummel even posted a comment on Reddit where he flatly denied that his junk was standing at attention while he posed with teammates Glenn Ochal, Charlie Cole and Scott Gault. "I swear it's not erect! I don't know why it ended up in that position but there you go," he wrote.

Still, despite the rower's insistence, photos clearly show that something is going on in his pants and Reddit users seem to agree. Rummel's post has so far earned more than 400 snide comments, such as "Jubilation popsicle," "Celebration inflation" and "This is the opposite of mourning wood."

What do you think? Is something going on or do people just see what they want to see? Get a closer look at Henrik's, uh, suspicious package below and let us know.

Harry How, Getty Images