Want to convey a whole lot of funny in just a short amount of time? Use a GIF. Want to make GIFs even funnier? Set them to sound!

Here is a collection of hilarious GIFs that are made even better when set to appropriate sounds or music. We bow down to the masters who created these precious artifacts of the internet. It can't be easy to take a very short series of funny images in motion and find just the right sounds that will complement them perfectly. But, as you can see from the video above, it was accomplished and the results are fantastic. If they don't have you at least chuckling every other GIF, then you're probably due for a check-up because your funny bone is MIA.

Some of our favorites include the Fallout 3 mod in which a dead-eyed Thomas the Tank Engine sits in front of a fire, the Superman set to Soulja Boy, the Battlefield 4 footage set to "A Whole New World" from 'Aladdin' and the Spider-Man clip at the end with a punchline that will leave you laughing, but also hit you right in the feels.

There are 22 GIFs set to sound in all in this video, but you can always find more in this subreddit on Reddit. Do you find yourself suddenly inspired after watching these brilliant examples of GIFs with sound? Then head to GIFsound to make your own. Maybe your creation will end up in a funny compilation like this one!