Germany always been good to us. We mean, who doesn’t love wienerschnitzel or Leo DiCaprio (word has it his mom was a German immigrant)? We rest our case.

Except, when we saw that people in Berlin are discriminating against Americans, we got a little confused. See, they’re not hating on just any Americans; they’ve targeted hipsters, which is quite odd, considering the city just hosted the Hipster Olympics this summer.

In recent years, Berlin has become a tourist hot spot, and the natives don’t like it one bit. Apparently, the more popular the city becomes, the more frustrated said Berlin-ians get. Silly Berlin people, you’re discriminating against your own kind; this is what hipsters are all about! Once something becomes mainstream, hipsters no longer consider it cool. Get it?

All around the German city, American "hipsters" are greeted with signs reading, "Berlin doesn’t love you" and "Sorry, no entry for hipsters from the US." So does that mean if we ditch our black-rimmed glasses and plaid button-downs we’ll once again feel the German love? Sheesh. Hipsters need love, too.