Have a case of the mid-week blues? It’s OK, it happens to the best of us. We have some fantastic news, though--you won’t be feeling crabby much longer, because we’ve discovered the ultimate fool-proof pick-me-up.

Prepare to witness quite possibly the Web’s cutest video compilation. We understand that’s a very serious claim to make, considering the existence of a ‘Gangnam Style’ baby and cats in a frying pan. But just trust us on this one.

First, we’ll ease you into it for the sake of avoiding an adorable overload attack. Giggling babies are almost too cute to handle, right? Same goes for all sorts of puppies. What happens when you combine the laughing munchkins with playful pooches? Viral video gold!

Even within the first few seconds of watching this ‘Babies Laughing at Dogs Supercut’, we couldn’t stop smiling. Your mood will skyrocket, you’ll probably start laughing, and you’ll want your own adorable little tot and doggie pal right this second. Mission accomplished!