Then: Zachary Mabry (aka Spanky's little brother Porky and Buckwheat's sidekick) was seriously one of the cutest kids on 'The Little Rascals.' Turns out that the 4-year-old child actor was a bit of a rascal in real life. Reminiscing on the scene where Alfalfa is on trial for burning down the club house, Bagley admits to playing a trick on Bug Hall's character by pulling out a piece of his chair so that he'd fall right through it. Naughty, naughty.

Now: 'The Little Rascals' still remains Mabry's first and only on-screen gig. As a now 22-year-old, he's finishing up his college education at the University of Oklahoma where he studied accounting and finance at the Price College of Business. Check him out on Twitter and MySpace.