A condom will greatly reduce your risk of unwanted pregnancy or sexual transmitted disease. But the prophylactic rubber also has the potential to cause one great embarrassment.

Most folks have a humiliating teenage tale of their mom finding a condom in their pants while doing laundry. But Zach Efron, who at 24 is no longer a teenager, probably has us all beat.

The 'High School Muscical' star was walking the red carpet for the premiere of his latest kid-friendly film, 'The Lorax.' In a video below, which has gone viral, he is seen reaching into his pocket to grab something to give to his publicist. As he pulls his hand out of the pocket, what appears to be condom drops to the floor.  "Oh my God!" the actor mouths.

As of now, Efron's reps refuse to confirm or deny "Rubbergate." Although they both vehemently deny it, there has been some effort made by the tabloid world to link Efron romantically to his 'Lorax' co-star Taylor Swift.

What do you think? Was that a condom that Zac dropped? Let us know.